Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lizard Story..Very Inspiring~



This is a true story that happened in Japan .

In order to renovate the house,

someone in Japan breaks open the wall.

Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between

the wooden walls.

When tearing down the walls, he

found that

there was a lizard stuck there

because a nail from outside hammered into one of its feet.

He sees this, feels pity, and at the same time curious,

as when he checked the nail,

it was nailed 5 years ago when the house was first built !!!

What happened?

The lizard has survived in such position for 5 years!

In a dark wall partition for 5 years without moving,

it is impossible and mind-boggling.

Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 5 years!

without moving a single step--since its foot was nailed!

So he stopped his work and observed the lizard,

what it has been doing, and what and how it has been eating.

Later, not knowing from where it came, appears another lizard,

with food in its mouth.

Ah! He was stunned and touched deeply.

For the lizard that was stuck by nail,

another lizard has been feeding it for the past 5 years...

Imagine? it has been doing that untiringly for 5 long years,

without giving up hope on its partner.

Imagine what a small creature can do

that a creature blessed with a brilliant mind can't.

Please never abandon your loved ones.

Lesson from the Story:

Never Say you are Busy When They Really Need You ...

You May Have The Entire World At Your Feet.

But You Might Be The Only World To Them..

A Moment of negligence might break the very heart

which loves you thru all odds..

Before you say something just remember..

it takes a moment to Break

but an entire lifetime to make...

Monday, July 12, 2010

-Again and Again-

For someone that i can't love:

you have cross my mind again...
but this time i felt its really different..
i don't know why i still have feeling toward u..

all i need to know is....
why u are so nice to me????
i'm not perfect enough for u..
u have good looking..
and i know, u will meet someone better soon..
i will pray for your happiness..
~good luck dear~

Monday, July 5, 2010

::Mandi Bunga??::

Demam world cup masih belum berakhir..Seperti biase kite kalo tengok bola time dah nak akhir2..Mase awal2 tak layan sangat..Untuk world cup kali nie, kite ada 5 teams yang kite sokong iaitu first sekali mesti la Brazil. Then Spain, Argentina, Portugal and Germany.

Dalam senarai teams yang kite minat nie, Portugal merupakan team yang paling awal kena kick from the list..huhu..tapi tak pe la..minat Portugal pon sebab Cristiano Ronaldo..hehehe..So, bile Portugal terkeluar tak de la rase sedih sangat..sebab masih ada Brazil (at that time la)..

Kaka memang handsome la..;)

Sekali team Brazil telah menghampakan semua peminatnye apabila kalah 1-2 dengan Netherland..huhu...macam tak caye je Brazil tak dpt gi semi final..Brazil yang mula jaringkan goal dulu, sekali tengok2, Netherland yang menang..ingatkn bila Kaka boleh main, Brazil boleh la menang..tp hampeh..

messi kelihatan blurr..hehe

Bila Brazil pon da kena kick from the list, kite pon sokong Argentina mase match antara Argentina dengan Germany.. Mase nie memang harap sangat2 Argentina menang. Kat tv pulak de banyak iklan Messi..even Messi tak jaringkan goal langsung. Tapi care Messi bermain memang nampak hebat la..Sekali tengok Argentina pon telah menghampakan semua peminat fanatiknye dengan kalah 0-4 dengan Germany...muke Messi kelihatan sedih sekali begitu juga Maradona..haha..Facebook menjadi begitu hangat ketika Argentina kalah..termasuk la Facebook kite..huhu..kite telah menghantar wall post kat en.radzi -yang merupakan peminat fanatik Lionel Messi dengan menulis seperti di bawah (skema pulak ayat) :

Anis abdul kader --> Mohd Radzi : 4-0 kot..

Mohd Radzi (komen pada wall post)--> asal cik anis sokong je sure kalah..mule2 Portugal,
pastu Brazil, pastu Argentina..memang kena mandi bunga da...

mase baca komen en.radzi nie, kite memang gelak giler la..de ke patot suruh mandi bunga sebab team yang kite sokong kalah..aiyoo...Tapi nasib baek la Spain menang 1-0 dengan Paraguay.. dan sekaligus buat Spain layak ke semi final untuk bertemu dengan Germany..hoho.. Germany pon ade dalam list my favourite team..tp yg terakhir la..So, untuk match Spain vs Germany nanti kite akan sokong Spain!!!...Go GO Spain!!..jangan Spain kalah sudah la..nnti kite betul2 kena mandi bunga plak..hahaha...

david villa kelihatan begitu macho sekali..hehe..

p/s: target kite untuk final, Spain vs Netherland..harap2 betul la..=)